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June Campbell The About page of a web site introduces you to the entity or individual involved. So, here goes!

I'm June Campbell from Vancouver, Canada.

I'm not a trained chef -- but I am an experienced cook who knows how to find her way around a kitchen. In the past, days, I worked as a cook for ten or twelve years. That works out to a lot of meals, snacks and treats over the course of a decade. And that's not counting the home cooking and entertaining!

I learned to cook from my late mother. As a farm wife, she was an expert cook, baker, canner, pickle maker and gardener.

Now, as for the "why" of this site, its to share some of my favorite recipes with my online visitors, and perhaps to bring in a few dollars in the process.

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Sorry, I don't want to leave a live email address because I am cutting back on spam. Please send comments to

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