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Best Chocolate Candy Recipes

These chocolate candy recipes are tested, tried and voted two-thumbs up!

Check the links below for recipes for chocolate truffles, chocolate easter eggs, fudge, and much more.

Tip: To elevate a chocolate recipe from the mundane to the divine, use fine quality chocolate and other gourmet ingredients. The "true" cooking secrets of top chefs lies in the quality of the ingredients they use.

The best-quality chocolate used in good baking and chocolate candy recipes is called couverture. Typically, couverture is sold in bars of approximately 8 ounces. It is not inexpensive but the taste is heavenly.

Tip:The higher the percentage of cocoa fat, the darker the chocolate will be. Prestigious gourmet chocolatiers like Valrhona and Callebaut offer baking chocolate with up to 80% cocoa fat.

Callebaut Bittersweet Chocolate, for example, is an amazing chocolate from Belgium. Until recently, it was available only to pastry chefs. Now, the company is making small slabs of their fine chocolate available to home bakers. Many top rated chefs prefer Valrhona baking chocolate, an excellent couverture produced in France. It's a matter of taste. Try them both and decide your preference.

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