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Web's Best Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

A chocolate milkshake recipe is a delicious treat. And, with some of the recipes on this page, it can be a non-fattening treat!

Trivia: Ray Kroc of McDonalds fame started his career selling five-unit milkshake machines to restaurants.

In my younger life, I worked in restaurants and served up many a chocolate milkshake. The commercial milkshake makers are wonderful but somewhat extravagant for home use. However, if you make a lot of shakes, it would be a good investment. Check out the Waring PDM1 Drink Mixer . Naturally, you can use it for making smoothies, shakes, sodas, cocktails, eggnog and more.

Home users who do not make a great many drinks would be happy with the more economical mixers that are excellent value for a low price.

Just a little tip from one who found out the hard way: when using a drink mixer, be sure the blades have come to a full stop before trying to remove the drink. Otherwise, be prepared to wash your face, hair and shirt!

As always, I suggest you do yourself a big favor and use the best quality chocolate you can find or afford. It really does make a difference. You can order outstanding, premier cocoa, chocolate chips and baking chocolates online if none are available locally.

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe #1 : Basic Shake

1/4 cup chocolate syrup, commercial or use the chocolate syrup recipe on this web site
2 scoops vanilla or chocolate ice cream
1 cup milk

Add syrup, ice cream and milk to drink mixer and mix until no lumps remain.

Add more ice cream if a thicker chocolate milkshake recipe is desired. Add more milk if you want a thinner drink.

Don't be afraid to experiment. You can add interesting ingredients such as ripe bananas, different flavors of ice cream, frozen yoghurt or gelato, nuts, strawberries, coconut, peanut butter, peppermint extract, chocolate milk, malt, maraschino cherries, Oreo cookies, syrup or juice from canned fruit, etc.

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe #2 : Vegan, Low Fat

1 1/2 frozen bananas
3 tbsp. powdered cocoa
1 cup nonfat soymilk
Maple syrup or other sweetener

Add all ingredients to a drink mixer and mix until blended. Taste, adding additional sweetener or milk if desired.

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe #3 : Banana and Mocha

1/4 cup chocolate syrup, commercial or use the chocolate syrup recipe on this web site
2 scoops vanilla or chocolate ice cream
1 cup milk

1 banana
1/2 tsp expresso mix, OR 1/4 cup strong coffee, cold

Cut banana into chunks. Put all ingredients of your chocolate milkshake recipe into a drink mixer and mix until smooth.

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe #4 : Without Ice Cream

2 cups milk (use skim milk if reducing fat or calories)
1/8 cup baking cocoa powder OR 1/4 cup chocolate syrup
1/2 cup sugar OR sugar substitute to taste
1/8 cup non-dairy powdered coffee creamer
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or peppermint extract
12 large ice cubes

Put all ingredients in a blender. Mix until smooth and ice is gone.

Tip: Substitute 1 1/2 cups plain or vanilla yoghurt for the milk. This produces a somewhat different but very tasty chocolate milkshake recipe.

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