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Best Chocolate Pie Recipe

What can be more decadent than a great chocolate pie recipe?

You'll find some of my favorites in the links at the bottom of this page.

Since this site features the Web's BEST recipes, I offer two variations. First, there's the economical, easy-to-make recipe for chocolate pie. Secondly, you'll find the gourmet version for those times when you want to give your family a special treat, or you're entertaining guests.

Tip: To elevate a chocolate pie from the every-day to the divine, use fine chocolate and other gourmet ingredients. The "real" cooking secrets of top chefs lies in the quality of the ingredients they use.

You might try Callebaut Baking Chocolate, for example. Until recently, this amazing chocolate from Belgium was available only to pastry chefs. Now, the company is making small slabs of their fine chocolate available to home bakers. Try it in your chocolate pie recipe. You can get excellent baking chocolate in many varieties at - The World's Largest Chocolate Marketplace

Tip: Marble rolling pins and rolling boards are best for rolling pastry dough. Their cool surface keeps the dough cooler, and therefore more tender. The Fox Run Marble Rolling Pin and Base is an excellent example.

Tip: Protect fluted edges from over-browning with a pie crust shield like the Talisman Designs Adjustable Pie Shield It saves the bother of fiddling with strips of foil when you bake the crusts of your chocolate pie recipe.

Tip: The less flour you add during rolling your pastry for your chocolate pie recipe, the better. Using a non-stick pastry mat allows you to greatly minimize the amount of flour you will have to add at this point.

Tip: You already know the trick of lining an unbaked single pie shell with beans to prevent shrinkage while baking. Some home cooks use weights instead. The easiest method involves using a chain weight like this JAZ Innovations 10 Feet Beaded Pie Weight Chain. This is much simpler to wash and clean afterwards than are the beans. And, you can make soup out of your beans instead of saving them for pie crusts.

Now, check the links below for excellent chocolate pie recipe.

Chocolate Pie Recipe #1: This is a Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe.

Chocolate Cranberry Pie Excellent for Thanksgiving or the Holiday Season.

Chocolate Bottomed Grasshopper Pie Flavored with creme de cacao

Chocolate strawberry Cream Pie Recipe
Fresh berries, rich chocolate filling!

Almost Billy Miner Pie Recipe
Not quite the real thing but just as good!

Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe
An excellent pecan pie made better with the addition of cocoa

Chocolate Tart with Sweet Pastry Recipe
Rich and lovely made with bittersweet chocolate.

White Chocolate Sauce with Pear Tart Recipe
Luscious with a creamy frangipane filling.

Specialty Bakeware. Wilton pans, other hard to find items.

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