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Best Ganache Recipes

Ganache is a chocolate loverís delight! Ganache recipes produce a rich, silky, chocolate mixture that is a decadent filling for candy, chocolates, truffles, cakes and other confections.

Ganache is made by with only two ingredients: heavy (whipping) cream and chopped semisweet chocolate. Butter can sometimes be added.

You can create various textures of ganache by varying the proportions of cream and chocolate. Fruits, spices and liqueurs can be added if desired.

For best results, you will want to use an excellent quality chocolate. Chocolatiers like Valrhona, Schokinag and Callebaut are known world-wide for their couvertures and mixing chocolates. (The high quality chocolate used for melting is referred to as "couverture").

The couvertures from various chocolatiers produce a different taste and texture in the finished ganache. Experiment to find the ones that you like best.

If you cannot find a good quality couverture locally, you wonít go wrong with any of the good quality couvertures and baking chocolates sold here: - The World's Largest Chocolate Marketplace'

Tip: It is all too easy to scorch chocolate during the melting process, especially when melting the chocolate in a pot or microwave. But thereís good news. When you are making a ganache recipe, you can melt the chocolate safely by stirring it into hot cream.

The First of Your Ganache Recipes

This recipe creates a more solid ganache, suitable to use as the centers of truffles or other candy.

8 oz. heavy cream (unwhipped), brought to the boiling point.
8 oz. milk baking couverture, chopped
8 oz. vanilla couverture, chopped
1 Ĺ oz butter

Remove hot cream from heat. Pour hot cream into chocolate, stirring constantly. Make sure your spoon is very dry. Adding moisture, even in small qualities, will deteriorate your product.

Add butter and stir till smooth. Cool uncovered. Refrigerate when cool.

The Second of Your Ganache Recipes

This recipe will be softer, as it calls for an equal portion of cream and chocolate.

8 oz heavy cream , unwhipped
8 oz good quality couverture (semi sweet)

Chop chocolate into small pieces. Heat cream in saucepan. When cream boils, remove from heat.

Place a damp cloth on your countertop, then place pan of cream on cloth. Add chocolate and beat with a DRY spoon until mixed.

Cool, uncovered. The ganache recipe will solidify as it cools. When it reaches spreading consistency, use it as a filling for cookies, cakes or other confections.

Enjoy your decadent ganache recipes.

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