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Web's Best Recipe Baby Shower

Recipe baby shower is a perfect chocolate dessert so good your toes will curl!

Your guests will beg you for the recipe for this exceptional chocolate cake.

Trivia: In Victorian times, baby showers were held after the baby was born, since pregnant women did not appear in public.

Now, back to this special baby shower dessert recipe. The taste and texture of this confection depends upon the quality of the couverture (baking chocolate) that you use. If not available locally, offers excellent, and well priced baking chocolate for your baby shower menu, as well as chocolate gift items and other chocolate goodies.

Also, I suggest you check out the Wilton cake pans, other cake pans, cake and cookie decorating kits and assorted specialty bakeware that you might need for this and other special occasions.

Baby Shower Dessert

Chocolate Fantasy calls for hazelnut butter, ganache, and an excellent chocolate cake.

Tip: Hazelnuts (also called filberts) are costly, but more economical if purchased in bulk. Once toasted and skinned, they can be frozen in a ziplock bag for up to two years.

Tip #2: To toast and skin hazelnuts for your recipe, spread shelled hazelnuts on a baking sheet. Bake in a 275 F until the skins crack (20 minutes or longer). Next, roll the nuts in a clean towel and rub until the skins peel off. It's not a problem if a little bit of skin stays on. A bit of brown skin will enhance the flavor and texture of recipe baby shower.

coverTip #3: Finely chop the toasted hazelnuts using a food processor with a metal blade. The Cuisinart DLC-2014 PowerPrep Plus 14-Cup Capacity Food Processor, Whiteis the processor that serious cooks call their dream machine.

Hazelnut Butter
1 pound hazelnuts, toasted and skinned
4 tbsp soft butter

Finely chop the hazelnuts in your food processor. Add butter and process until combined. Set aside until ready to assemble recipe baby shower.

Chocolate Ganache for Recipe Baby Shower
1-3/4 cups heavy cream
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp unsalted butter
14 ounces semisweet chocolate, or chocolate chunks

Refer to the instructions for melting chocolate elsewhere on this web site.

Place chocolate chunks in a DRY stainless steel bowl. Heat cream, sugar and butter in a sauce pan over medium heat. Stir to dissolve sugar. When mixture boils, remove from heat and pour over chocolate. Wait five minutes, then stir until smooth. Keep at room temperature until you are ready to assemble recipe baby shower.

recipe baby shower Chocolate Cake Recipe

2 ounces unsweetened chocolate, broken into 1/2-ounce pieces
4 tbsp plus 1 tsp soft, unsalted butter
1 cup plus 1 teaspoon cake flour
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup plus 4 tablespoons, tightly packed light brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup sour cream

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Tip #3:For best results, use a good double boiler with even bottom heating for melting the chocolate for your recipe baby shower. I recommend one like this Farberware Classic 2-Qt. Covered Double Boiler . It heats evenly to prevent scorching, and the vented lid allows steam to escape -- therefore keeping damaging moisture out of your good chocolate.

Heat 1 inch of water in the bottom part of the double boiler, using medium heat. Put the unsweetened chocolate in the top part of the double boiler, and place over top pan. Do not allow water to boil and ensure that top part of boiler does not come in contact with water. Tightly cover the top with film wrap and heat for 4 or 5 minutes. Remove from heat, and stir until smooth.

Grease a 9 inch round pan (1 ½ inches deep) with 1 tsp butter. Flour, using no more than 1 tsp flour, and shaking off excess.

Sift flour, cocoa, soda, and salt together. Combine brown sugar and 4 tbsp butter. Using an electric mixer fitted with a paddle, beat for two minutes. Scrape down sides, then beat on high for 1 ½ minutes. Scrape. Add I egg, then beat on high for 15 secs. Scrape. Beat on high for 2 min. Add melted chocolate and vanilla to recipe baby shower; beat on low for 30 secs. Scrape.

Using a small saucepan, bring ½ cup water to a boil. Turn mixer to low, and add 1/3 sifted flour and ½ sour cream to the chocolate. Mix for 30 secs. Add the next 1/3 flour and the remainder of the sour cream. Mix for 30 secs. Add last of flour and water. Mix for 30 secs. Smooth out batter with a spatula.

Spread batter for recipe baby shower evenly into the prepared pan. Bake until done, about 45 minutes or more. Cool in pan for 15 minutes at room temp. Turn recipe baby shower onto cooling rack and store at room temp until ready to assemble.

Assembly of Recipe Baby Shower
Tip #4: You will need cake circles, like the Wilton Cake Circle 12", 8 Pack

Slice cake horizontally into 3 layers. Put a dab of ganache in the center of the first cake circle. Put top layer, cut side down, onto the circle. Press gently so ganache will hold it in place.

Put center layer of the cake on the second cake circle.

Place bottom layer of cake, cut side down, on a third cake circle.

Put bottom layer, cut side down, on a third cake circle. Spread ½ cup ganache over the top and center layers. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.

Remove top and center layers of recipe baby shower from fridge. Divide hazelnut butter, and spread over the ganache on both cake layers. Spread evenly, and go right to the edge. Refrigerate for 20 min.

Slide the ganache center layer onto the ganache top layer. Slide the bottom layer onto ganache center layer. Pour the last of the ganache over the cake. Spread evenly with a spatula, coating top and sides. Refrigerate recipe baby shower for two hours minimum before serving.

To serve your recipe baby shower, heat the blade of a serrated slicer under hot water before each slice. Bring slices of recipe baby shower to room temperature before serving to your lucky guests. carries the top quality, gourmet chocolate that can be difficult to find locally.

The Ultimate Baby Shower Guide: Hold a baby shower the new mom will remember for a lifetime.

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