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Best Recipe Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Recipe chocolate covered strawberries is truly a confection fit for the gods. Simple to make, delicious to eat, beautiful to look at, and good for you too! What more could you ask?

Iím fond of these for a Valentine Day treat. They work equally well for Easter, Motherís Day, bridal showers, weddings, etc. Even better, serve recipe chocolate covered strawberries just because you deserve a treat!

Iíve said it before on this site, but it bears repeating. For good results, use good ingredients. If top quality melting chocolate is not available locally, youíll find an excellent selection at this link: - The World's Largest Chocolate Marketplace.

For dipping, the Callebaut-Semisweet or even the Callebaut the Milk is a particularly good choice. To make the molded basket described below to go with your recipe chocolate covered strawberries, Callebaut milk in blocks or callets format is recommended.

Tip: For a professional, flawless look use a chocolate dipping tool. Eg. the Ateco 1378 Chocolate Dipping Tool Set 3-pc.

Recipe Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Fresh strawberries
Semi sweet chocolate or milk chocolate, melted and tempered.
(You will find instructions for melting and tempering at this link.)

Prepare strawberries by washing, draining and patting dry. Leave the stems.

Hold berries by the stem, and dip in chocolate. Shake off excess and place on waxed paper until firm. Refrigerate.

Tip: Reheat the chocolate if it becomes too thick. Chocolate can be reheated as often as you like, provided of course, that you do not overheat it or allow moisture to get into the product.

A Basket for your Recipe Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For special occasions, serve your recipe chocolate covered strawberries in a handmade, edible chocolate basket.

You will need melted semi-sweet chocolate. I am not specifying quantity, because the amount used will depend upon the size of the basket or baskets you are planning to make.

Select a suitable dish to use as your basket mold. A small pie plate or individual dessert bowls are good choices. Line your dish or dishes with foil. Spray the foil with a non-stick spray.

Place the melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle. Drizzle chocolate to line the dish, creating a basket. Chill until firm, then remove carefully.

Place your chilled recipe chocolate covered strawberries in the basket, serve, and enjoy!

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