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Best Recipe Easter Eggs

You’ll find two recipe Easter eggs on this page. Naturally, both contain chocolate, our favorite ingredient.

Trivia: In the early days of Christianity, Europeans believed that if you kept an egg laid on Good Friday for 100 years, the yolk would turn to diamond. Cooking a Good Friday egg would ensure fertility and prevent sudden death. Thus, the tradition of the Easter egg was born.

You'll find instructions for melting and tempering chocolate at this link.

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First Recipe Easter Eggs

4 oz butter
1 tsp. vanilla
2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
6 cup confectioners' sugar
8 oz. unsweetened or semi sweetened chocolate, melted

Cream butter, then mix in vanilla and milk. Beat. Gradually beat in the sugar. Depending on your mixer’s power, you might need to do the final mixing with a wooden spoon.

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When mixed, move mixture onto a kneading board or surface and knead to make a smooth, fondant consistency.

Pinch off two tablespoons of the fondant at a time, rolling between hands to form an egg shape. Place each egg on a cookie sheet, cover with wax paper and chill until firm.

When firm, dip in melted chocolate to coat. Refrigerate.

Variation #2 for recipe Easter eggs: Add moist, sweetened coconut to the fondant.

Variation 3# for recipe Easter eggs: To make a yolk, pat 1 tbsp peanut butter into a yolk shape, then wrap in thin layer of fondant.

Decorate your eggs as desired.

Second Recipe Easter Eggs


1 ganache recipe for filling. You will find a recipe for ganache in the links at the bottom of this page.

Ingredients and supplies:

1. Egg shaped molds. tip: Egg-shaped molds can be difficult to find. If you can't find any locally, try some of these:
1 Pound Flat Back Egg Candy Molds
1/2 Pound Flat Back Egg Candy Molds
3" 3-D Egg Candy Molds
CK Products 2-1/2-Inch 3-D Cracked Egg Chocolate Mold
Make N' Mold 4133 Dress My Cupcake Cuddly Bunny and Lamb Pops Candy Mold
3-D Dogwood Egg Candy Molds
3-D Medium Grooved Egg Candy Molds
3-D Plain Egg Candy Molds

2. One or two pounds of good quality couvourture,(i.e.Valrhona or Callebaut baking chocolate) tempered and prepared. The quantity will depend upon the size of your molds and the amount of chocolate eggs you want to make. Use semisweetened dark or milk chocolate, or some of both.

Molding your Recipe Easter Eggs

Using a brush, paint the inside of the mold(s) with melted chocolate. Allow to dry, then add another coat. Dry again. Place small round ball of gan ache in mold. Add another coating of chocolate, covering the gan ache. Continue adding chocolate until molds are filled, allowing to dry between each application.

When filled molds are dry, scrape excess chocolate away from bottom of eggs. Invert molds, and remove eggs gently.

Decorate as desired.

How to Make Ganache to fill Your Recipe Easter Eggs

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